Collection: CATAGO® Equestrian

Founded in 1963, CATAGO® Equestrian, a Danish family owned company, infuses its products with modern city vides while paying homage to the harmony between horse and rider. 

CATAGO® strives to create a high quality line of products, with attention to details that proved maximum comfort for both horse and rider. CATAGO® products allow the horse and rider to dress and perform comfortably and effortlessly, regardless of weather condition or season.  As a result, CATAGO® has become the go-to brand for Olympic dressage rider Anna Kasprzak and is embraced by riders from all disciplines and levels. 

For CATAGO® Equestrian the very definition of Scandinavian style and design is the combination of protection and quality, paired with innovative functional materials to provide maximum comfort for horse as well as rider.  The aim is continuously to develop both functionality and comfort with a clean modern look and details that dazed.