Collection: Pre-Owned Dressage Saddles

Our carefully curated pre-owned dressage saddle selection showcases top-tier saddles that have been gently used and meticulously inspected, ensuring both quality and value. Embrace the opportunity to ride in saddles from renowned brands, crafted to perfection, without the premium price tag. Each pre-owned saddle carries a unique story, a testament to both timeless craftsmanship and the enduring bond between rider and horse. Experience the elegance, comfort, and performance of a high-end dressage saddle while making a sustainable choice. Explore our collection today and embark on a new journey of refinement and connection in the dressage arena.

We are pleased to offer such pre-owned dressage saddle brands as Albion, Prestige, Trilogy, and County, in a wide selection of  seat, tree, and flap sizes. All of our pre-owned dressage saddles have been inspected by our certified saddle fitters to ensure they are in good repair, clean, and mold-free. Many of our pre-owned dressage saddles offer adjustable gullet systems to ensure proper tree fit for your horse, while others may come with accessories including saddle cover, stirrups, irons, or additional gullets. All preowned dressage saddles have the option of a 5-day trial period in order to be checked for proper fit and suitability, and we ship throughout the continental US.

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