Arenus Assure Guard, RFGW 3.53lb - 45 Servings

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Shop a top-rated equine digestive care solution. Soothing and powerful, Assure Guard offers a solution to the most challenging digestive health problems in an effective, daily granular formula.

Does your horse suffer from painful ulcers? Chronic digestive issues? Poor performance and overall health? Assure Guard is the answer.

About 60-70 percent of a horse’s immune function comes from digestive health. Horses with ulcers and chronic digestive health issues suffer poor overall health, decreased performance, and continual pain and discomfort. But it’s a little known fact that horses with gastric ulcers often suffer from colonic ulcers. These horses need a complete formula that addresses and soothes tough digestive health issues like colonic ulcers. 

Assure Guard is the solution to maintain digestive health and combat tough problems like colonic and gastric ulcers, colic, diarrhea, weight loss, and more. Assure Guard is the supplement of choice for horses going through ulcer treatments. Traditional ulcer treatments can stop acid production within the stomach. This allows more undigested feedstuffs to reach the hindgut and cause or contribute to the digestive disturbance including colonic ulcers. Research has proven that adding a quality probiotic to your horse’s ulcer supplement regimen provides a constant influx of live microbes, ensuring proper digestive health and breakdown of feed throughout the treatment period.

    Assure Guard provides gastric support without shutting down acid production. It works to stabilize and condition the entire digestive tract for a long term, balanced approach. Antacids, enzymes, and probiotics work to support the stomach, small intestines, and colon while psyllium adds extra stabilization of the hindgut. Assure Guard can break the cycle of digestive disturbances that lead to recurrent gastric ulcers. It’s the most complete combination for total digestive tract conditioning.

    Arenus is proud to offer Assure Guard as a daily equine digestive care supplement for your horse’s most challenging digestive health needs.



    Assure Guard can be fed as a standalone digestive maintenance supplement for horses with gastric challenges. Arenus recommends using it in combination with Assure Plus for more effective gastric and hindgut health support.


    The Assure Guard and Assure Plus System is the right choice for:

    • Horses with moderate to severe digestive issues such as recurrent gastric or colonic ulcers, colic, diarrhea, and sand accumulation.
    • Horses in training, competition, or high-stress environments.
    • Horses undergoing or recovering from traditional ulcer treatments.
    • Older horses with severe diarrhea or constant digestive issues.
    • Owners that want a customizable solution designed to maintain digestive health and tackle tough gastric and hindgut challenges as needed.



    • Soothing ulcer relief: Ulcer treatments can wreak havoc on any horse by throwing off the normal balance of the digestive system. Assure Guard soothes the system and prevents recurring ulcers to keep your horse feeling healthy and comfortable.
    • Improved performance and wellness: Any digestive issue can disrupt your horse’s performance and comfort. Cinchy and irritable horses often have underlying digestive health problems. Ulcers are painful and make travel, training and riding a nightmare for your horse. Having a calm and happy digestive system keeps your horse relaxed and focused.
    • Whole digestive support: Assure Guard works to support the entire digestive tract from the stomach through the hindgut where additional gastric conditioning is required.
    • Flexible, targeted coverage: Use Assure Guard daily for cost-effective maintenance of difficult gastric problems. Pair with Assure Plus during the loading period and one week out of each month for maximum benefits. Add Assure Plus during times of stress for additional support when your horse needs it most.



    Assure Guard's research-proven formula offers a unique delivery system that’s incomparable to any other ulcer or equine digestive care supplement on the market. The ingredients work to balance the foregut and the hindgut to provide maximum digestive health support.

    • Powerful, effective formula: Assure Guard contains our unique blend of pre and probiotics, psyllium, gastric buffer, digestive enzymes, yeast and calcium carbonate to sooth and restore balance to the digestive tract. The formula prevents future and recurring digestive problems.
    • Unmatched ulcer protection: Typical ulcer medications can stop acid production and cause naturally occurring digestive enzymes to die off. This can allow undigested feedstuff to move through the digestive tract causing hindgut ulcers or perpetuating the occurrence of gastric ulcers. Adding a quality ulcer supplement like Assure Guard can boost the effectiveness of treatments and ensure your horse’s digestive tract is constantly replenished with live microbes to maintain optimal function.
    • Gastrointestinal Stabilizing Technology (GST): Exclusive, proprietary technology ensures that live microbes are protected from the acidic environment of the stomach for safe delivery to the hindgut. Assure Guard and Arenus digestive aids are the only products with GST.
    • Effective maintenance and control: The trusted pairing of Assure Guard and Assure Plus addresses ulcer and serious digestive concerns while maintaining overall digestive health.
    • Clinically proven system: A field trial study evaluating horses with a variety of serious GI conditions revealed that 90% of recurrent colic cases and 80% of chronic ulcer cases were resolved using the combination of Assure Guard and Assure Plus. 100% of cases were significantly improved.
    • Butyrate: Also known as butyric acid, butyrate is a critical volatile fatty acid (VFA) produced in the hindgut of all horses. The high quality, high purity psyllium in Assure Guard has been shown to naturally and effectively increase the production of butyrate. Butyrate is critical to colonocyte health and regeneration, and important in the prevention and reduction of gastrointestinal inflammation.
    • Vet recommended formula: Assure Guard has been a standby tool for many veterinarians fighting digestive health challenges. Vets around the country trust the patented digestive health formula to relieve ulcers, colic, loose stool, weight loss and more.
    • Recyclable packaging: Eligible product for “Ride for a Green World” initiative. Save money while helping the environment!



    Arenus is confident that their products work. That’s why they offer an unmatched program where you can receive up to $10,000 in colic reimbursement benefits. Learn more about CAP and enroll your horse here!



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    Arenus Assure Guard, RFGW 3.53lb - 45 Servings

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