Arenus Steadfast Equine Growth,  5 lb

Arenus Steadfast Equine Growth, 5 lb

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Arenus Animal Health

  • Offering structural support, Steadfast Equine Growth provides the developmental building blocks foals and horses in recovery need for optimal bone and tissue health in a daily, pelleted supplement. 
  • Without the right developmental and structural support, foals struggle to grown into their full athletic potential. 
  • Unlock the potential in your foal and give them the best start in life with a total structural support supplement.
  • Steadfast Equine Growth gives young horses a rock solid foundation from birth through training to set them up for a successful performance career. 
  • This exclusive blend does more than help young horses reach their potential - it helps any horse recover fast from serious injuries like suspensory tears and carpal chip removal surgery.
  • Patented organic mineral in TêlaFIRM, Sodium Zeolite A concentrated silica and ascorbic acid provides foals and injured horses with the elements they need for optimal development and recovery.
  • Steadfast Equine Growth supplies all the of the necessary components for normal bone growth and remodeling, development and maintenance of connective tissues.
  • For maximum results, feed to the mare during late pregnancy to promote optimal bone and soft tissue development of the fetus in utero. 
  • Arenus is proud to offer Steadfast Equine Growth as a complete structural support supplement for developing foals and horses in recovery


  • Optimal development: Feeding Steadfast Equine Growth to the mare during late term pregnancy lays the groundwork for successful structural development in the foal. Supplementing foals promotes healthy bones and soft tissue to help them grow properly and reach their full athletic potential.
  • Smooth transition to training: Strengthens and prepares foals for the physical demands of athletic performance for an easier transition into training.
  • Rapid injury recovery: Stimulates the production of strong, regenerative tissue and reduces layup time. Ideal support for equine athletes recovering from surgeries and injuries like tendon strain and suspensory tears. Combine Steadfast Equine with Steadfast Equine Growth for a powerful dose of minerals needed to accelerate healing, rebuild soft tissues, strengthen structural integrity, reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Effective injury prevention: Increased bone, ligament, cartilage and tendon strength help prevent injuries from occurring during exercise and training.
  • Foal-friendly pellet size: Small pellet size is perfect for weanlings, foals and young horses. Larger pieces are difficult to chew for horses with smaller mouths and result in wasted pellets.


  • Feed one 12.5g scoop (included) per 500lb of body weight daily. 
  • If palatability issues arise, add small amounts of water, oil or molasses to encourage acceptance.
  • It is recommended that you consult your veterinarian for specific recommendations prior to adding Steadfast Equine Growth, or any supplement, to your horse’s daily regimen.


Active Ingredients per (2) 12.5g scoops (included):
2500 mg
2300 mg
1000 mg
Inactive Ingredients:
Alfalfa meal, artificial sweeteners, glycerin, mixed tocopherols, propionic acid, soy oil and wheat midds.
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