Vital Science Assure Guard Gold, 16 lb-55 Servings

  • $269.95

Arenus Animal Health


  • If your horse suffers from chronic digestive issues, leaky gut, poor body condition or if you are looking to improve your horse's overall wellness or performance, Assure Guard Gold is the answer. 
  • Fast-acting and effective, Assure Guard Gold combines Arenus' proven pairing of Assure Guard and Assure Plus into a complete, daily pelleted formula.
  • 60 to 70% of a horse’s immune function comes from digestive health, thus making optimum digestive health a utmost priority.
  • The demanding lifestyle of equine athletes makes them susceptible to a wide range of digestive issues and horses that are struggling with acute or chronic digestive problems suffer from poor overall wellness, decreased performance and continual discomfort.
  • Assure Guard Gold helps in maintaining a healthy digestive system for performance and all types of horses.
  • With no added sugars, Assure Guard Gold is the digestive and equine ulcer supplement of choice for horses with Equine Metabolic Syndrome.
  • Assure Guard Gold is the ONLY complete solution for your horse’s daily digestive and wellness support needs


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