Back on Track Nights Collection Dressage Saddle Pad

  • $79.00

Back on Track 

  • Feel the difference with the new elegant and stylish Nights Collection Dressage Saddle pad.
  • This stunning pa is lined in Back on Track's new innovative and power waffle fabric with Welltex technology, which features the highest emissivity values that have been made by Back on Track.
  • Providing the possibility of better conditions for optimum performance, the infrared energy produced by this pad can help your horse´s muscles and may help increase blood flow and to relieve stiffness over the back.
  • The Nights Collection Dressage Pads are made with Back on Track's famous No. 1 design to give the wither space and reduce pressure on the spine, while two-layer filling provides shock absorption and breathability.
  • Help you horse's muscles carry you as a rider with the the Nights Collection Dressage Saddle Pad.