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Breyer® Horses

Breyer Piper's Pony Tails

Breyer Piper's Pony Tails

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Breyer® Horses

     When Piper makes up stories about her toy ponies, they magically come to life through the power of her imagination, transporting her and her friends into amazing adventures.

     Breyer is please to bring the love of horse to a younger audience through their collaboration with Epic Story Media and the launch of Piper's Pony Tales.  These delightful short-form episodes feature Piper and her friends who go on fun, imaginative adventures with their ponies. Piper's Pony Tales is sure to bring a life time of horse happiness to young viewers with the launch of the Piper's Pony Tails play line. 

     Piper & Spark:  This fun set features Piper, an optimistic free sprit whose vivid imagination is constantly working overtime, imagining all of the adventures that she could go on. Sometimes, she can be a bit too eager, wanting things to happen right away and she learns, sometimes the hard way, that "first freedoms" are earned, but when you do it's an amazing feeling.  Joining in her adventures is her pony, Spark. He is also spirited and energetic, but can often be spooked when faced with new situations and experiences. Often, Spark has to be coaxed from hiding. Luckily, his best pal's positive attitude gives him the confidence he needs to carry on.  And, because he loves to eat, his favorite Spark Snacks will always motivate him too!

     Casey & Tuck:  This dynamic duo features Casey, who is Piper's neighbor and is a bundle of boyish energy who loves horses.  His favorite action hero fantasies all involve horses: medieval knights, pioneer town Sheriffs, and even masked desert Princes! But unlike his friends Piper and Paloma, Casey doesn't actually know much about horses.  Luckily, Casey won't let a tiny detail like that get in the way of getting into a saddle and having fun! He can be a bit hesitant once in a while, but he always has Tuck to push him along!  Tuck is a younger horse and is playful as a puppy.  His playfulness makes him unafraid to try new things and he will often pull Casey to try new experiences with him.  If Casey is scared, Tuck is right there, nudging from behind. When he's back at the barn, the playing never stops and his favorite toy - apart from his unicorn stuffy - is a ball, of any size. 

      Paloma & Rayna:  This adorable set features Paloma, who is the type of kid who loves to spend time grooming her horse, making it look exactly right and then heading to a show and winning blues! Rayna teaches Paloma that it's okay to not always get it perfectly right; sometimes you need to go easy on yourself and just have fun! Rayna is Paloma's pony, and is a study in opposites.  She is both a show pony, born for the spotlight and always determined to win, but she also loves to get dirty - there isn't a puddle she can resist - maybe because she knows if she gets muddy, she'll get groomed again? 

      Each set includes 1 posable rider, 1 pony with tack, 1 helmet, 1 easy to dress outfit, 1 grooming brush and 1 sticker sheet. 

Riders  & ponies stand approximately 6" high

Ages 3+

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