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Breyer® Horses

Stablemates Mystery Horse Crazy Unicorn Surprise Bag

Stablemates Mystery Horse Crazy Unicorn Surprise Bag

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Breyer® Horses

Collect all of the unicorns from the Stablemates Mystery Horse Crazy Unicorn Surprise Series! Each of the 8 horses is 1:32 scale and approximately 3" tall, making them wonderful for collecting. Additionally, they are ideal for goodie bags, prizes, or stocking stuffers. Perfectly sized for take-along play, collect them all to create your very own Stablemates unicorn herd. Each bag will contain one model, shipped randomly. Which color will you get of the seven (7) beautiful models offered? Or will you get the elusive chase piece? Each bag will contain one model shipped randomly

     This item ships blind, meaning you cannot choose which surprise model you'll get!  Please note that the chase piece is random. There is no guarantee that you will receive a chase piece.

Opened packages cannot be returned. 

Ages: 4+ 

Stablemates, 1:32 scale models.

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