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Cavallo Linus Slim Jump Boot, US 7.5-8

Cavallo Linus Slim Jump Boot, US 7.5-8

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    Combining classical European craftmanship with modern comfort and function, Cavallo Tall Boots are perfect for any arena.  For every foot size Cavallo offers 10 height and 10 calf options in 1 cm increments to ensure the most personalized fit of any ready made boot available today.

    The Linus Slim Jump Boot is an all around boot, suitable for all ages, with a fashionable narrow entry for a superior fit.

    Product Details:

    • Constructed of soft, breathable nappa leather, the elegant Linus Slim is a comfortable boot that fits the rider's leg like a second skin.
    • The grip leather panel on the inside calf creates perfect hold and a stable leg while riding. 
    • The 1.5cm narrowed cut in the ankle and calf area in combination with the functional elastic and the light running, robust zipper ensures a perfect fit. 
    • The removable anatomical insole allows the Linus Slim to cover up to two shoe sizes, enabling an adjustable fit, or a longer wearing time for growing feet.
    • YKK Vision long back zipper with elastic for smooth slipping.
    • Additional comfort provided by padded heel protection and Cavallo stirrup relief.
    • Light, flexible real rubber outsole that is resistant against acids and oils. 
    • Spur protection with double-staged spur holder.  
    • N14 Slim Comfort Last
    • 4.5cm Bow Height


      While we stock the Linus Slim Jump Boot in black, this elegant boot is also available by special order in Blue, Grey and Mocca.  Color coordinate your boots to your tack, show ensemble or equine partner with these personalized color options.



      Cavallo offers riders many options for unique designs and individuality as all models are available as "Editions".  From bling rhinestones and patent leather there is something for every taste. 

      Linus Slim Jump Boots are available in several Editions, including S-Line, Lack + Bling and Varano + Caiman.  For more info on the Linus Jump Editions available, or to place a special order, please call 919.851.0102 or email questions@mmtackshop. 

      Please allow 8 to 12 weeks for delivery of special order Linus Jump Boots. 




      For sizing instructions, please refer to the sizing chat and measuring video. Due to it's slim fit, the Linus Slim should fit the calf and ankle very tightly.  Therefore place the measuring tape loosely on the calf when taking measurements.

      If you have any questions, or would like to place a special order, please call 919.851.0102 or email questions@mmtackshop. 

      Please note that we cannot take responsibility of your measurements are incorrect.

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