Coat Defense Daily Preventative Powder 4lb Refill Bag

  • $69.00


  • Is your horse prone to rain rot?  Are hives from sweet itch or insect bites ever a problem. Does your horse itch or rub, or get bald spots under sheets, blankets or tack? Are you tired of fungus and funk?
  • COAT DEFENSE® DAILY PREVENTATIVE POWDER is an all-natural, safe and effective solution that can help prevent these, and other equine skin ailments.
  • In addition to alleviating skin problems, daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER can be used between baths as a dry shampoo, wicking away sweat when rinsing  isn't an option.
  • Also use under equipment to prevent chafing.
  • Daily Preventative Powder can also be used on dogs, other barn animals, and even yourself!
  • Daily Preventative Powder contains a proprietary blend of Sodium Bicarbonate,  maranta, arundina-cea (arrowroot) powder, bentonite clay, zea mays (corn starch), mentha piperita (peppermint) oil.
  • COAT DEFENSE® products are non-toxic, crafted from only safe, readable ingredients, and contain no fillers.
  • COAT DEFENSE® is proudly handmade in Ashburn, VA.

Say goodbye to stubborn skin and coat conditions by adding daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER to your daily horse grooming routine.   Just brush the powder in each day and once the condition subsides the coat grows back!