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Comfortmix Thrush Treatment Gel, 2 oz

Comfortmix Thrush Treatment Gel, 2 oz

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Mustad Hoofcare SA

  • Fight hoof infections like thrush, white line disease, candida yeast and aerobic and anaerobic bacteria in your horses' hooves with Comfortmix Thrush Treatment Gel.
  • This effective treatment is constitued in a thin-gel formula that increases contact time and absorption to affected areas.
  • The 2oz no-clog squeez bottle features a pinpoint nozzle for exact, and no mess, application.
  • Afer picking and cleaning your horses hooves, apply to alongside clefts of frog and white line area as needed or weekly for maintenance.
  • This gel can be applied into abscess tracks and under horseshoes and pads.
  • Made in USA
  • Ingredients: Methyedyne b (analgesic), Triazole Fungicide, Isopropanol, Orco Violet, Water



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