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Dublin River Boots III, Chocolate

Dublin River Boots III, Chocolate

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Dublin Clothing

  • Enjoy breathable all day comfort in the Dublin River Boots III.
  • The waterproof, breathable nylon booty lining keeps your feet and ankles dry no matter the weather, while the full leather upper looks and wears fabulous.  
  • The moisture wicking RCS foot bed system provides comfort and breathability, while the durable and lightweight Tough Tec rubber outer sole holds up to mud and muck.
  • Additional features include heel and arch supports with double cushioning layers for comfort, an elastic top gusset, and adjustable laces.
  • Please note that due to the leather being a natural product, the color may vary from that show. 
  • Boot Cleaning Advice from Dublin:

    Whether you use your riding boots everyday or just for show, taking care of them will make them more comfortable and last longer. To protect and care for your leather boots we recommend 5 steps:

    1. Clean - wipe your boots with a damp cloth after each use to remove dust, dirt or any liquids they may have been exposed to whilst being worn.
    2. Dry - once cleaned always leave your boots to dry naturally away from direct heat
    3. Condition - use a sponge and apply a leather conditioner to soften and moisturize your boots. After a few minutes the leather will have absorbed what it can, and you can wipe any remaining conditioner off.
    4. Polish – Use a beeswax or boot polish (check the color is right first) and rub into the boots with a soft cloth and leave to dry thoroughly. Once dry, buff shine.
    5. Weatherproof - use a weatherproofing spray to help protect against future dirt and water stains.


    • Always test conditioners, polish and weather proofers on a small inconspicuous area before you cover the whole boot. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
    • Do not apply conditioners, polish and weather proofers to suede, nubuck or distressed leather boots as they can alter the look of the leather.


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