Pro-Care PLUS Hoof Conditioner Gallon Tub

  • $77.95

Pro Care Products

  • Pro-Care PLUS Hoof Conditioner not only moisturizes the hoof, making it stronger and more pliable, and also contains a fungicide to help prevent thrush, dew poison, quarter cracks and white like disease. 
  • Conditioning dry, brittle hooves and preventing cracking, Pro-Care PLUS promotes healthy hoof growth while providing a barrier against dew and excess water. 
  • Unlike most hoof conditioners, Pro-Care PLUS can be used right before work, repelling water and sweat and keeping the hooves stronger and less susceptible to cracking. 
  • Pro-Care PLUS enhances the condition of the hoof to be able to withstand more intense conditions by preserving and increasing the strength of the hoof wall.
  • Apply directly to the hoof before or after riding.