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Cowboy Magic Green Spot Remover Gallon Refill

Cowboy Magic Green Spot Remover Gallon Refill

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Cowboy Magic® GreenSpot® Remover

Cowboy Magic® GreenSpot® Remover is like a shower in a bottle! It is easy to use and formulated to immediately remove manure and urine spots. It is also effective in removing wet or dried sweat.


  • Great for use in winter or for an emergency cleanup
  • Contains raspberry extracts, fennel, sage, and honey
  • Gives newly cleaned spots a high shine after brushing
  • Greenspot Remover
  • Quick cleaning, waterless shampoo. Quick clean solution. A shower in a bottle. Problem: You're ready for the show ring and your show champion has a green spot all over his side back. Too late for a new bath, what do you do? Solution: Easy to use Cowboy Magic Greenspot dissolves show ring dirt, manure stains, dried sweat and other organic matter instantly. Problem: It's hot, sweaty, show ring day and you're getting ready for the next class and you need a quick cleaning or freshening up. What do you do? Solution: Cowboy Magic Greenspot is a gentle, quick clean solution when there is no time or water for a shower or bath, plus it smell good too. Problem: You have been out for a cold winter ride and your horse is dirty with after ride sweat and mud, but it's too cold for a bath, what do you do? Solution: Cowboy Magic Greenspot makes a great waterless cleanup when it's too cold to bathe after exercise or winter ride. Allergy tested and dermatologist reviewed. Not tested on animals. Made in USA.
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