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Epona Tacknology Tack Sponge

Epona Tacknology Tack Sponge

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Epona, Ltd.

  • Simply put, the Epona Tacknology Sponge is the best sponge you will ever use!
  • This highly durable sponge lasts longer than any traditional tack sponge, providing just the right amount of water absorbency.
  • Works gently to scrub sweat, dirt, grime, and gunk up for reins, buckles, bits, saddles, leather girths, and more.
  • Just dampen the Tacknology sponge with warm water and watch this sponge do the rest!
  • The finger grooves along the side provide superior hold and grip, allowing you to more easily get into the harder to reach nooks and crannies.
  • The Tacknology sponge is constructed of an advanced poly/silicone material that  makes it easy to clean and rinse out dirt and soap, avoiding the issue of grubby sponges. 
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