Equiderma Skin Lotion for Horses,  16oz

Equiderma Skin Lotion for Horses, 16oz

  • $24.99


  • Revered by equestrians worldwide, Equiderma Skin Lotion works like magic on skin conditions!
  • Equiderma's formula is amazing on rain rot, scratches, mallender/sallenders, mane-and-tail itching, sweet itch (insect bite reactions), summer sores, dandruff, cannon bone, ear and face crud, midline belly scabbing, mystery hair loss, ringworm, and many other fungal or bacterial skin infections.
  • This broad spectrum antifungal, antibacterial lotion gets the job done fast, predictably, reliably and best of all painlessly.
  • Its fast-acting ingredients will never sting or burn, plus the scent of essential oil of lavender is your horse’s aromatherapy favorite.
  • Active rain rot cases are guaranteed to be gone in three days!
  • To prevent seasonal rain rot, use Equiderma's Skin Lotion before winter and spring begins to inhibit the disease.
  • Ideally, follow-up shampooing is preferred, but if temperatures are frigid not necessary.