EQyss Barn Barrier Fly Spray,  32 oz.

EQyss Barn Barrier Fly Spray, 32 oz.

  • $27.99

EQyss Grooming Products Inc.

  • EQyss Grooming Products has created the PERFECT natural Fly Repellent using a gentle blend of 4 natural botanical oils. 
  • Hate the smell of Citronella?  Barn Barrier is Citronella free!
  • Barn Barrier has been Field Study tested, and proven to repel Horn Flies, Face Flies, Stable Flies and House Flies.
  • Unlike other fly sprays, Barn Barrier is also pH balanced so it won't irritate your horse's skin or damage coats, manes, or tails. 
  • This environmentally fly spay is safe and effective for horses, ponies and foals.
  • Barn Barrier is also safe for use on bedding, bridles, pads, and other tack.
  • Clean fresh scent.