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Eqyss Survivor Detangler & Shine, 8oz

Eqyss Survivor Detangler & Shine, 8oz

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Eqyss International, Inc. 

  • Work magic on aggravating mane and tail knots and mats with Survivor Detangler!
  • This amazing detangler smooth out tangles, mats and knots in manes, braids, tails and even feathered legs.
  • Just a drop is needed to loosen problem areas and allow you to comb or brush the hair with ease.
  • Added Vitamin E protects and softens the skin without alochol.
  • Non-greasy and non-sticky, Survivor Detangler will enhance shine without attracting dust and dirt.
  • Survivor detangler can be used on wet or dry hair.
  • Floral scented.
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