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EZium 9.5 lb Refill Bag, 1 Month Supply

EZium 9.5 lb Refill Bag, 1 Month Supply

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EZ Equine

  • If your horse exhibits nervousness, excitability, an inability to focus and relax or muscle cramps, it may suffer a Magnesium deficiency.
  • Even when you diligently follow the recommendations for feeding forages and concentrates, your horse may not receive all of the Magnesium that it needs.
  • Magnesium is more readily available in a carefully formulated supplement than in the horse's daily diet of feed, hay and grass.
  • As part of product development and tests: 71% of users reported their horses were less nervous, excitable or jumpy, 57% saw an increased tolerance to work, 49% say they experienced reduced incidences of spooking and 46% reported greater freedom and range of motion in their horses.
  • By treating Magnesium deficiency symptoms with EZium, your horse can become calmer and progress more rapidly in their training program.
  • Containing a chelated source of Magnesium, EZium is safe and approved by all equine organization governing bodies, including FEI, USEF, USDF, AQHA, APHA, etc. 
  • Most users saw results within 2-3 weeks.  Many in as few as 4 days.
  • The 9.5lb refill bags are resealable.
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