Fairfax Spirit Jump Saddle

  • $3,750.00

Fairfax Performance

  • The Fairfax Spirit Jump Saddle was designed specifically with show jumpers in mind, using pressure mapping and gait analysis.
  • This saddles panel concept de-restricts the shoulder and knee apparatus in flight, allowing the horse greater freedom of movement, thereby increased clearance over the fence.
  • The Spirit Jump's slim-line design improves the rider's sense of connectivity with their horse, aiding unity and a close leg contact.
  • The Spirit Jump benefits from all the features common to every saddle in Fairfax's Performance Range (see design details below), plus the following features:
Covered with fine, super-soft and supple calf leather
Adjustable knee blocks at the front and thigh blocks at the back for customized rider support.
Three adjustable girthing options allow the saddle fitter to fine tune the fit of this saddle to ensure stability and comfort on the flat, and over fences.
  • Use & Care:  Apply the Rapide Leather Gel supplied with this saddle before the first use. Re-apply Leather Gel at least once a week to dry the leather. 
  • Do Not use spray soap, glycerin saddle soap or neatsfoot oil on this saddle. 
  • Always allow leather to dry naturally (do NOT use external heat sources).
  • Check regularly that all four gullet bolts and two panel screws remain tight. 
  • Never use wet tack.
  • Changeable Gullet: R-Bar  N/M to XW/XXW
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SimaTree saddle tree (conformsto BS7875) is guaranteed for five years.

Materials & workmanship are guaranteed for 12 months (subject to fair wear and tear).

As part of your regular saddle maintenance, check that all four bolts on the gullet bar & the two bolts on the panel remain tight.

Repairs & alterations should only be carried out by authorized stockists only.

Failure to follow the care instructions above will invalidate this guarantee.

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