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HAAS Annica Hansen Mini Diva Brush

HAAS Annica Hansen Mini Diva Brush

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  • The Mini Diva is a perfect size in a "handy" shape, and a must have for any grooming kit.
  • The cell phone sized Mini Diva features a Mattes lambskin pillow surrounded by soft, pure horsehair for removing fine dust particles and dandruff 
  • This luxurious finishing brush will pamper your horse and it's gleaming, silky smooth coat will be the talk of the barn. 
  • HAAS' innovative design incorporates the leather hand loop and bristles directly within the body of the brush, eliminating the use of nails, screws or glue.
  • Crafted in Germany, the comfortable back is constructed of shatter resistant turquoise resin, and will withstand use for many years. 
  • Care:  For light soiling, simply bush out with a fur brush or by pressing with a damp sponge.  For heavy soiling, hand wash with a lambskin detergent no hotter than 30 degrees.  Dry at room temperature for 2 to 3 days.  Do not place in the dryer.  


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