Herm Sprenger KK Ultra 14mm Sensogan Bradoon Bit

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Herm Sprenger

  • Adapted to the anatomy of the horse's mouth, KK Ultra bits take advantage of the exceptional sensitivity of the horse's tongue by multiplying the perceptions from signals given by the bit.
  • Developed after extensive research at the Veterinary University in Hanover, Germany, the links on the KK Ultra bits are shortened and turned 45 degrees, causing the link to rest fully on the tongue without squeezing, pinching or applying pressure to the palate.
  • This unique bit design provides an incomparable precisely contact between rider and horse.
  • The KK Ultra Bradoon is constructed of Sensogan, a distinctive composition of copper, manganese and zinc specifically developed by Sprenger to promote an even more delicate and sophisticated connection to the horse.
  • Cheek pieces are stainless steel.
  • In most circumstances, significant improvement can be seen immediately when switching to a KK Ultra bit. 
  • To ensure proper placement, be sure that the arrow on the cheek piece is pointing forwards on the left hand side.
  • Made in Germany.