Kent & Masters S-Series Compact General Purpose Saddle

  • $1,595.00

Kent & Masters

  • The S-Series Compact GP saddle offers a different feel to Kent & Masters Original GP and petite, slim riders or those with narrower hips may feel it suits them better. 
  • The seat is compact and neat, making it a great option for the petite rider on a large pony or small horse.
  • The cut is forward enough to accommodate a jumping leg position, making the S-Series Compact GP a truly versatile saddle.
  • Along with the neat seat, the S-Series Compact GP features a slim rear gusset and a tree that is slightly flatter on the underside in comparison to the Original GP.
  • The S-Series Compact GP seat has an alternative shape to the Cob GP, making it a viable option for those who find that the Cob seat doesn't suit them.
  • Velcro knee and calf blocks underneath the flap can be positioned to suit the riders leg length and position.
  • Ghosted stitching on the knee pad help it to contour neatly around the block and ensures added comfort.
  • The S-Series Compact GP utilizes Kent & Masters changeable girthing arrangement, which can be optimized instantly to fine tune the fit of the saddle.
  • As with all Kent & Master saddles, the S-Series Compact GP is flocked with 100% British wool, providing superior softness and comfort for the horse, and is easily adjustable to optimize panel contact.
  • The S-Series Compact GP benefits from superior craftsmanship, hide leather on the seat and knee rolls, plus higher specification design details for a truly luxurious feel and appearance.
  • Conformation: High Wither, Standard Wither, Low Profile
  • Changeable Gullet: R-Bar  N/M to XW/XXW


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