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Kent & Masters S-Series Low Wither General Purpose Saddle

Kent & Masters S-Series Low Wither General Purpose Saddle

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Kent & Masters

  • The S-Seris Low Wither GP Saddle is perfect for low-withered, short backed horses, regardless of width - even those with a big movement!
  • Designed for any horse with a low wither - not just super-wide Cob types (although they will love it too!)
  • The seat is shaped to provide a feeling of closeness that’s often difficult to achieve with this conformation.
  • A slimline panel gives extra-close contact and stability
  • The moveable Velcro knee block can accommodate a wide variety of leg sizes.
  • Four girthing options to improve stability on even the widest of horses or those with big movement.
  • S-Series saddles benefit from higher-specification design details for a truly luxurious feel and appearance, such as quality hide leather on the seat, skirt & knee pad.
  • The Changeable Gullet allows you or your saddle fitter to modify the width of the saddle’s gullet to suit the horse’s wither profile as the horse changes shape with either exercise, muscle development, maturity or rest. There are 8 options, in the short S-bar.
  • 100% British wool flocking, a natural fibre that provides superior softness and comfort for the horse because it moulds and settles quickly, giving optimum panel contact with the horse’s back. Two reinforced flocking slots make it easy for your saddle fitter to do any necessary adjustments to fit on-site
  • Made in Walsall by qualified Master Saddlers who use traditional saddle-making techniques to ensure each and every saddle is made with consistency, care, love and attention to detail.


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