Keratex Hoof Gel,  1 Litre

Keratex Hoof Gel, 1 Litre

  • $29.99


  • Designed for wet weather use, Keratex Hoof Gel forms a protective, waterproof and breathable layer over the hoof, keeping hooves water-tight and preventing them from softening, splitting or breaking up in wet, muddy conditions.
  • By stopping water from saturating the internal structures of the hooves, the hooves have the time, space and correct conditions for the horse to be able to restore hoof quality.
  • So if you find that your horse’s hooves deteriorate, soften, throw shoes or become saturated in wet or humid conditions, apply Keratex Hoof Gel all over the hoof, frog, soles and heels every other day to restore the quality and strength in your horse’s hooves.
  • Hoof Gel absorbs into the hooves and therefore will not ‘come off’ in the field whatever the conditions.
  • Once the product has absorbed into the hooves you will see that water forms droplets that simply roll off the hooves like rain off a waxed jacket or water off a duck’s back.
  • Keratex Hoof Gel is good for hooves that have softened in wet conditions,  horses that are prone to hoof crumble, weakness, breakage, punctures and cavities in the foot and sole and stabled horses or horses that suffer from hoof deterioration during wet weather.