Hooflex Magic Cushion™ Xtreme,  2 lbs

Hooflex Magic Cushion™ Xtreme, 2 lbs

  • $39.99


  • Magic Cushion™ Xtreme Hoof Packing, designed to help reduce hoof heat in an hour, is an innovative product that also works to relieve the uncomfortable symptoms that come with hoof concussion and trauma.
  • Formulated with a higher concentration of natural ingredients than the original Magic Cushion™ for faster relief, it can be packed under your horse’s shoe and pad and left there for the shoe’s whole cycle.
  • Magic Cushion™ Xtreme is a trusted product to help provide relief from sole and frog inflammation, your horse will believe in the magic, too.
  • Active Ingredients: Turpentine, Iodine;Inactive Ingredients: Natural Leather Fiber, Rosin
  • Made in the USA.