Majyk Equipe Elite XC Front Boot with ARTi-LAGE™

  • $99.95

Majyk Equipe

  • The Majyk Equipe Elite XC Front Boots are constructed from a super strong, but lightweight rip-stop TPU material that is permanently fused to a breathable inner mesh fabric.
  • Inside the Elite XC Front Boots are four-way flexion TPU shields which have been designed to flex with the horse’s movement, but form a hard barrier during impact.
  • In addition to the flexible TPU shield, 2mm of foam ARTi-LAGE™ foam has been added directly behind it in order to provide superior impact protection.
  •  ARTi-LAGE™ is a proprietary material that is soft and pliable in its normal state, but is able to change its molecular structure to harden when struck, thus deflecting impact away from the strike point and dispersing the energy.
  • The Elite XC Front Boots have a double barrier of ARTi-LAGE™and Flexible TPU shield in front of the boot, providing unsurpassed protection for the cannon bone.
  • These boots also feature a bio foam interior to keep the horse's legs clean, cool and comfortable by preventing heat build up and increasing air circulation around the horse's leg.
  • With the additional coat of Majyk’s water repellent "Forever Clean" breathable coating to the outer shell, clean up time is cut in half as mud, dirt, and debris slide right off with a quick rinse.
  • The Elite XC Front Boots also feature a conical fit which will not turn and inhibit the horse's movement. 
  • The Majyk Equipe Elite XC Front Boots were worn by Boyd Martin, Phillip Dutton and Lauren Kieffer at the 2016 Olympics.
  • Horse/Full size is designed to fit horses 15.2 hands to 16.3 hands
  • Large size is designed to fit horses 16.3 hands and above.
  • Elite XC Front Boots are sized proportionally to fit front and hind legs. If your horse is a medium size in front he/she should be medium size in hind unless the hind legs have unusually long canon bones.