Majyk Equipe Sport/Dressage Boot with ARTi-LAGE

  • $89.95

Majyk Equipe 

  • The Majyk Equipe Sport/Dressage Boot is the perfect all around boot, having been for schooling, turn out and trail.
  • The Sport/Dressage Boots are built from tough but lightweight TPU outer with rip stop properties to repel both dust and water.
  • The inner bio foam liner is perforated to allow air to circulate freely making sure your horse's legs stays cool and well ventilated, especially important during long schooling periods or turn out.  
  • The Sport/Dressage Boots also feature outer and inner strike guard protection, lined with a layer of ARTi-LAGE™, the latest in impact protection designed to protect your horse.
  • ARTi-LAGE™ is a proprietary technology which offers maximum protection with unique molecular properties designed to create a soft and flexible shock absorbing barrier. When at rest the molecules flow freely allowing the horse to move, however on impact, they lock together to absorb energy and reduce the force transmitted, passing the trauma away from the horse’s leg. This allows for greater protection when impact increases, but never interferes with the horse's natural movement.  The reinforced outer strike area gives protection against rubbing and interfering while the inner ARTi-LAGE™ protects bone, tendon and soft tissue.
  • Additional features include high quality double stitched finishing, a built-in stitch channel to avoid separation and tough binding to stand up to everyday use.
  • For trail riders, the Sport/Dressage Boots are perfect as they will not pick up twigs, grass and burrs that tend to stick to fabric boots.
  • Fitting:  Generally you should pick the smaller size for fronts and the next size up for hinds. (See chart)
  • Small Size fits Ponies and up to 15.2 hands.
  • Medium Size Fits 15.2 - 16.3 hands .
  • Large Size Fits 16.3 -17.3 hands.
  • XL Size fits 17.3 hands+.