EQyss Micro-Tek Spray,  32 oz.

EQyss Micro-Tek Spray, 32 oz.

  • $25.99

EQyss Grooming Products Inc.

  • Formulated for horses with skin issues, Micro-Tek Equine Spray soothes on contact. 
  • EQyss' most popular formula is fast acting, safe and effective for animals of all sizes.
  • Micro-Tek Equine Spray helps ponies and horses stop scratching, itching, biting or rubbing red irritated skin and sweet or summer itch, providing a healthy environment for healing.
  • This non-steroidal spray is easy to use - just lightly mist on the affected area and can be used on the saddle area with slippage. 
  • Mico-Tek Equine Spray won't burn or hurt irritated skin or open wounds, and is safe to use on the genital area.
  • When problems are eliminated, EQyss recommends using Premier Shampoo & Spray.
  • Floral fragrance.