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NEW ThinLine Trifecta Sheepskin Half Pad with Roll

NEW ThinLine Trifecta Sheepskin Half Pad with Roll

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ThinLineThis is the new, upgraded, version

  • ThinLine's customer favoriteTrifecta Sheepskin Half Pad has gotten an upgrade!
  • Better than ever, the new Trifecta Half Pad features a new spine channel, stronger and more durable billet straps, and a raised wither profile to accommodate more top-lines.
  • The new improved cotton base feature higher quality cotton with denser weave and light wool fill, while the Merino sheepskin has been sheared shorted in the center of the pad creating a spine free center band.
  • More ThinLine material has been added to the Trifecta, with the ThinLIne panel having been enlarged to protect below the stirrup bar.
  • The larger shimmable pocket allow you to shim more behind the point of the shoulder.
  • Of course the Trifecta still features ThinLine's open-cell technology which is non-slip and provides breathability. 
  • 95% shock absorption is provided by the ThinLine foam, which also minimizes rider movement,thus creating a quieter seat.
  • Medical grade Merino wool on a natural hide.
  • New longer drop.
  • 25" total spine length, 19.5" between the rolls, 18.5" across the seat


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