Probios® Dispersible Powder, 240 gm

  • $16.99

Vets Plus, Inc.

  • Probios® Dispersible Powder is a probiotic supplement that supports the digestive system by helping restore the normal microbial balance in the gut and overall health of the animal when given to animals during or after times of stress.
  • Probios can be fed directly on your horse's feed to support a healthy digestive tract.
  • During times of stress,  such as following deworming, shipping to shows, and changes in weather, horses can be more prone to colic and other digestive issues such as diarrhea.
  • Daily use of Probios Garnules provides lactic acid- producing bacteria that aids in digestion and supports your horse's overall health.
  • With less than 10 Million CFU per gram of Lactic Acid Bacteria, Probios powder continues to be a favorite equine probiotic.
  • Feed 10 - 15 g per day.
  • 5 g scoop included.