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Fairfax Performance

Prolite Multi Riser Pad

Prolite Multi Riser Pad

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Prolite Performance

  • The Multi Riser Pad is a versatile, hard-working pad, featuring Prolite® inserts that can be used or removed as necessary to alter the depth at the front or rear.
  • Use it without any inserts as a standard Relief Pad.
  • This pad is a  practical choice for a youngster that’s developing or changing, or when using one saddle on different horses.
  • Prolite pads offer 3-n-1 protection, first by absorbing impact from strikes and blows or rider movement, second by disperses pressure points over a wider area, and third absorbs lateral movement remaining still against the skin.
  • Base: Base: 1/2" closed-cell medical grade Prolite foam
    Pockets: Two front, two rear
    Removeable shims supplied: set of four thin, 1/4" shims
    Spine length: 53cm






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