Red Barn Arena Ergonomic Bridle with Flash

  • $360.00

KL Select

  • The Arena Ergonomic Bridle's advanced design provides extra comfort your the horse. 
  • The Arena is anatomically designed to avoid and alleviate pressure on your horse’s most sensitive areas, such as their poll, mouth, and ears. 
  • The advanced design features of the Arena Bridle have show horses to generally be more comfortable.
  • Many undesirable habits have been alleviated by use of the Arena Bridle, such as head shaking, teeth grinding and general resistance.
  • The Arena’s key features include an ergonomically-designed noseband, it’s shape adapted to fit the horse’s anatomy, alleviating pressure on the main facial nerve; and a softly padded, extra wide crownpiece shaped to evenly distribute poll pressure and to allow room for the horse’s ears.
  • The Arena Bridle also features a curved, padded round raised leather browband and 1/2" cheek pieces.
  • Handcrafted with the finest Sedgwick's English leather, this bridle is finished with stainless steel hardware, hook stud ends, and a roller buckle on the adjustable noseband. 
  • Please note that the Arena Ergonomic Bridle is sold less reins