Red Barn Tuscany Fancy Stitched Bridle

  • $326.00

KL Select

  • The most recent addition to the Red Barn collection, the stylish new Fancy Stitched Tuscany Bridle has been designed with the horse's comfort and show ring performance in mind. 
  • The Tuscany features a 1 1/4" soft padded, fancy stitched noseband and matching brownband, both with distinctive shortened round raising. 
  • This innovative bridle also features Red Barn's ergonomic uni-crown headstall with 1/2" cheek pieces which are shaped to allow room for the ears and to alleviate poll pressure. 
  • The Fancy Stitched Tuscany Bridle comes complete with 5/8" fancy stitched round raised laced reins.
  • Constructed of premium Italian leather, the Tuscany also features all stainless steel hardware with hook stud ends and a roller buckle on the noseband.