Samshield® Miss Shield Shadowmatt Helmet

  • $608.00


  • The Samshield® Miss Shield ShadowMatt Helmet was inspired by classic women's hats with a long, sun shielding visor and a customizable frontal band.
  • Based on the classic Samshield® helmet design, the Miss Shield offers the same technical features - better dissipation of the energy produced upon impact, no risk of tipping with violent movements, exceptional ventilation, perfect size adjustment, comfort and hygiene.
  • The outer shell is made of a polycarbonate which is used in hight end motorcycle helmets while the inner shell is made of polystyrene with variable density, which provides superior dissipation of energy produced on impact.
  • For stability, the internal comfort memory foam ensures a constant thickness over years of use, and the semi-rigid jugular reduces risks of tipping.
  • A strong clip system allows the comfort foam lining to be removed for washing.
  • The state of the art ventilation system directs fresh air into a front inlet and channels it around the comfort foam to outlets at the back, generating a strong internal airflow that avoids the need for visible and unsightly vents.
  • Additionally, the Miss Shield is designed to provide a perfect size adjustment and unmatched comfort with three shell sizes -  each shell accommodating 4 to 5 inner foams in differing sizes to obtain a perfect adjustment to the rider's head.
  • **ASTM F1163-15/SEI Certified.