Samshield® Shadowmatt Helmet

  • $549.00


  • The polycarbonate outer shell of the Samshield® Shadowmatt Helmet features an  anti-scratch matte finish and an integral visor which provides a modern, sleek profile.
  • The inner shell is made of polystyrene with variable density providing a better dissipation of the energy produced upon impact.
  • The state of the art ventilation system directs fresh air into a front inlet and channels it around the comfort foam to outlets at the back, generating a strong internal airflow that avoids the need for visible and unsightly vents.
  • The internal comfort foam ensures a constant thickness over the years of use and the semi-rigid jugular cancel all risks of tipping the helmet in case of violent movement.
  • The machine washable comfort foam liner is held in place by a strong clip and will not compress, allowing for no contact or pressure on the forehead thus eliminating headaches.
  • Adjustable leather harness.
  • ASTM/SEI approved, meeting the most stringent international safety standards.
  • PLEASE NOTE:  Please be sure to consult the Samshield sizing chart as Samshield helmet sizes differ slightly from other helmet manufacturers.