Sore No-More Performance Gelotion,  12 oz

Sore No-More Performance Gelotion, 12 oz

  • $24.95

Arenus Animal Health

  • Sore No-More Performance Gelotion is an FEI compliant herbal formula with a naturally thick consistency for targeted pain relief.
  • Performance horses face daily challenges that take a toll on their muscles, tendons and ligaments, being more likely to suffer from inflammation, pain, swelling and injuries
  • The right herbal liniment can reduce the risk of injury and help your horse feel as fresh after their performance as when you started.
  • Sore No-More Performance Gelotion is an herbal based liniment blend, with a thicker, easy to apply consistency and is perfect for those hard to reach areas on your horse. 
  • Sore No-More Performance Gelotion is perfect for areas such as the poll, neck and back to help loosen muscles before a workout, preventing risk of injury and you won't waste a drop in it's application.
  • The thicker consistency of Performance Gelotion is safe to use under boots, wraps, tack, blankets and with therapeutics.
  • With its master blend of all-natural ingredients, no abrasives or oils, this Gelotion directly targets muscle pain, making it an excellent topical to use under tack before a workout. 
  • Performance Gelotion is perfect to use on horses that are working back into a regime after an injury, to curb re occurrence of the injury, or new injuries from developing.
  • Use Performance Gelotion before and after competitions to energize fatigued muscles while prohibiting inflammation. 
  • Performance Gelotion can also be used as a low mess contact medium for topical ultrasounds as compared to traditional mediums.
  • Performance Gelotion is cruelty free and made with 100% all natural ingredients, is safe option to use on delicate skinned horses, and contains no lobeia or or other ingredients that are on many drug regulation lists.
  • Performance Gelotion is the right choice for:
    • Horses with a moderate to heavy work level.
    • Horses with chronic inflammation, arthritis or sore muscles.
    • Horses with sensitive skin or reactions to traditional liniments.
    • Horses with specific injuries or problem areas.
    • Horses competing in FEI or other agency regulated events.
    • Owners looking for a cost-effective, regulation compliant solution for targeted joint, muscle and soft tissue pain relief.
    • Owners and equine professionals looking for a safe complement for therapy treatments.