Sore No-More Performance Ultra Gelotion, 12 oz

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  • Sore No-More Performance Ultra Gelotion is a clinical strength, FEI compliant herbal formula for proven, long-lasting and targeted pain relief. 
  • Top level performance horses endure daily strains on their muscles, ligaments, tendons and soft tissue, and inflammation and swelling can open the door for career ending injuries and chronic pain. 
  • Research proven, Sore No-More Performance Ultra Gelotion uses xantham gum to provide a thicker consistency to their trusted liniment formula, making it an ideal choice for use in areas where traditional, liquid liniment might run or prove difficult to apply.
  • Performance Ultra Gelotion has been formulated at clinical strength without any ingredients on the FEI's drug regulations list nor harmful chemicals, parabens, sulfates, irritating herbs, artificial or synthetic additives.
  • Performance Ultra Gelotion works to reduce inflammation and increase circulation and is the only herbal liniment proven to significantly reduce soft tissue soreness and inflammation in performance horses [1].
  • Drawing our heat, fluid and toxins, Performance Ultra Gelotion limbers up and prepares muscles and soft tissue before exercise.
  • Performance Ultra Gelotion relaxes and relieves sore muscles and fatigue to improve flexibility and range of motion. 
  • Developed for high level competitors, veterinarians and therapists, this formula offers a worry free product to use on competition day and meets FEI regulations. 
  • Performance Ultra Gelotion is safe to use under tack, boots, wraps, blankets and with therapeutics, infiltrating deep muscle pains without causing excess friction and warmth under tack and wraps.
  • This concentrated Gelotion is safe for your own hands and can be applied without gloves without waste or mess.
  • Performance Ultra Gelotion is the right choice for:
    • Horses with a heavy work level.
    • Horses with severe arthritis, chronic inflammation or sore muscles.
    • Horses with specific injuries, soft tissue injuries or problem areas.
    • Horses with sensitive skin or reactions to traditional liniments.
    • Horses competing in FEI or other agency regulated events.
    • Owners and equine professionals looking for a safe complement for therapy treatments.
    • Owners looking for a clinical strength, regulation compliant solution for targeted joint, muscle and soft tissue pain relief.



[1] Heibeck SM, Walter KW, Altman JA, Karren BJ, Altman MA, Haussler KK.  Effect of herbal liniment on equine back pain over time: a preliminary study.  J. Anim. Sci. 2015; 93; 339-340

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Sore No-More Performance Ultra Gelotion, 12 oz

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