Tapestry Comfort Belly/Stud Guard Girth

  • $269.99

Tapestry Equine Products

  • The newest girth to be added to the Tapestry collection, the Comfort Belly Guard/Stud Girth is the competition girth that your horse needs and wants!
  • Manufactured from exquisite soft leather, this girth has the benefit of elastic where it is needed most, a cushion of neoprene on the sternum for protection and to help keep the girth and saddle in place, and D rings for the attachment of martingales, breastplates and draw reins.
  • Care:  Clean with saddle soap and oil as needed.  The elastic can be cleaned with a wet or dry dandy brush and a non-chemical shampoo/soap and air dry.
  • Wipe the neoprene gently with a damp cloth.  Although it is solidly adhered to the leather it won't take rough treatment and is not covered under any warranty. 
Please note the the Tapestry Comfort Belly/Stud Guard Girth is only available in Havana, sizes 46" to 54".  (The pictures show a black girth that was used for the photoshoot.)