Tapestry Comfort Long Girth

  • $159.99

Tapestry Equine Products

  • Feel increased performance in your horse with the Tapestry Comfort Long Girth.
  • Experience longer striding, a more relaxed canter, deeper and more relaxed breathing, and many riders have found that they find the distances between jumps easier to achieve with this innovative girth. 
  • The internationally patented Tapestry Comfort Girth is a premium girth that can improve performance and competitiveness in your horse producing freer, more natural movement. 
  • If you happen to have a sensitive, or girthy horse, you absolutely must try this girth - it will change your relationship with your horse. 
  • Please note that it is imperative that you measure your current girth from end of buckle to end of buckle regardless of what the stamp reads in order to know what size Tapestry girth to order. 
  • Care:  Clean with saddle soap and oil as needed.  The elastic can be cleaned with a wet or dry dandy brush and a non-chemical shampoo/soap and air dry.
  • Wipe the neoprene gently with a damp cloth.  Although it is solidly adhered to the leather it won't take rough treatment and is not covered under any warranty.