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Breyer® Horses

Breyer® Ideal Series Pony of the Americas

Breyer® Ideal Series Pony of the Americas

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Breyer® Horses

Fifth in the Series - A Collection Inspired by the Art of Orren Mixer

The Ideal Series pays homage to the stunning artwork of renowned equine artist Orren Mixer (1920-2008) and his most popular subjects – horses! Each hand-painted piece in this series was inspired by one of Mixer’s famed “ideal” horse breed paintings.

Born in 1920 in Oklahoma, Orren Mixer is best known for his gorgeous artwork featuring Western scenes, livestock, and horses. After years working as a graphic artist and serving in the Navy, he returned home to Oklahoma and built his art studio. He rose to prominence in the 1950s and 1960s, and his artwork graced the covers of many well-known magazines, including Western Horseman. Over the course of his career, seven horse breed associations commissioned him to paint their breed’s ideal. These images are still used today, and have forever cemented Mixer’s place as one of history’s preeminent equine artists.

Formed in 1954, the Pony of the Americas Club, Inc (POAC) was created by breed founder Les Boomhower to promote a “using type” pony for youth. His vision of a child-sized mount that possessed versatility, intelligence, and beautifully-patterned coats has blossomed into a registry of over 50,000! Ranging in height from 46 to 56 inches, POAs have a balanced appearance and Appaloosa coloring. While their Appaloosa lineage is apparent, Arabian, Welsh, Native American pony, and Quarter Horse bloodlines also contributed to giving the POA its trademark look of a refined “little horse.”

When the POAC and Orren Mixer connected, the result was a stunning painting showcasing the breed’s beauty and versatility. Featuring two colorful stallions amidst the pastoral countryside, the bottom highlights several disciplines the POA can be found in: Lead line, barrel racing, Native American regalia, jumping, and Western riding. Completed in 1996, this piece hangs in the boardroom of the POAC’s Indianapolis headquarters.

Age 8+

Traditional, 1:9 scale model

Image of the artist OrrenMixer

Image of Orren Mixer's painting POA-Pony of the Americas

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