Thorowgood T8 Compact General Purpose Saddle

  • $899.00


  • Compact for its size, the Thorowgood T8 GP Compact has a neat seat, slimmer rear gussets and the tree is shorter and slightly flatter on the underside.
  • Ideal for shorter backed, croup high or flat backed horses as well as standard fits.It is also a very good option for the petite rider on a large pony/small horse.
  • Super comfortable deeper seat that gives you a little extra in-saddle security and locates you centrally for balance and control.
  • Versatile GP that’s forward enough cut to allow for jumping and cross-country as well as schooling and hacking.
  • Fully adjustable knee and calf blocks provide customised leg support.
  • Quality leather seat and knee pads give the feel of riding on an all leather saddle.
  • Changeable gullet bars to best fit the width of the horse's withers.
  • Adjustable girthing options further enable the fit to be customised for a wide variety of horses while ensuring maximum saddle stability.
  • Flocked with 100% British wool with two reinforced access slots to allow the stuffing in the panel to be easily adjusted.
  • Gullet Type:  Long R
  • Please note that the 18" model is only available in black.
  • Made in Walsall, England.