Tipperary Eventer Pro Safety Vest

  • $449.99

Tipperary Equestrian 

  • The Eventer Pro, Tipperary's state-of-the-art cross country vest, features cutting edge technology, an anatomical fit and carries ASTM/SEI certification.
  • Tipperary's patented Tectonic foam plating provides unmatched support with its unique double layer pattern that conforms to the body, moving and flexing with the rider without any separation or gaps.
  • Live Spine™ technology provides increased impact protection, while flexing and matching the riders' movements.
  • Patented, form fitting FLEX design promotes proper riding posture.
  • Flex Lace Closures™ provide a customized fit while allowing the Eventer Pro to expand and contract with the rider's movement.
  • The torso of the Eventer Pro is cut higher in the front to encourage agility in the hip angle and lover at the back to cover the tailbone.
  • The Eventer Pros shoulders are designed to allow maximum reach and rotation of the rider's arms.
  • The Eventer Pro, with its outstanding shock absorption and impact reduction,  is suitable for all levels of riding, both English and Western.
  • The hard wearing exterior of the Eventer Pro is both attractive and easy to care for.
  • ASTM F-1937-04/SEI Certified
How to Measure:

      Correct fit is essential to ensure that your Eventer Pro offers the optimum protection.

    To measure for your Eventer Pro you will need a soft measuring tape, a chair with a hard seat and a friend to help.  Please wear a T-shirt to be measured in.

    The Eventer Pro requires measurements of your chest, waist and spine.  Remember, that safety vests are designed to fit snugly.  If your measurements fall between sizes, the best fit is usually the smaller size.

    For Your Chest:  Measure under the arms at the widest part across the chest to a snug fit.

    For Your Waist:  Measure at your natural waist.

    For Your Spine:  Sit in the chair. Measure from the base of the neck to chair.  Subtract 2 inches or 5 cm from that measurement which will ensure the vest does not interfere with the saddle while riding.

    Putting on the Eventer Pro:

    Each time that you put on your Eventer Pro, make sure that the laces are loose to prevent undue stress on the zipper.

    Make sure that the zipper is seated well and do it up.

    Adjust the laces to ensure a snug fit.


    If you have questions about measuring for the Eventer Pro, please call us at 919.851.0102.