Shapley's Show Touch Up Spray

  • $15.95


  • Camouflage stain, blemishes and flaws on your horse's coat with Shapely's Show Touch Up Spray. 
  • Safe and effective to use, Show Touch Up Spray is available in 8 colors to perfectly match your horse's coat color, and can be applied in minutes. 
  • Show Touch Up Spray can also be sprayed in your horse's tail to create a fuller appearance, and is perfect for enhancing white markings.
  • Show Touch Up Spray produce a natural look and feel and will not wash off in the rain, smear, clump or wipe off.
  • Spray Touch Up Spray in and even layer, 12 inches way from the horse, layering until it matches the surrounding hair or completely covers the stain (use a cloth to apply to the head).
  • Shapely's Show Touch Up Spay is a must have for showing, photographs, or anytime you want to enhance your horse's appearance.