TRI-Care® 3-Way Wound Treatment,  4oz

TRI-Care® 3-Way Wound Treatment, 4oz

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Farnam Companies, Inc.

  • Accomplish 4 important treatments with one easy-to-use, antibacterial product, TRI-Care® 3-Way Wound Treatment!
  • TRI-Care® aids in preventing infection, pain relief and provides a fly, water and germ barrier.
  • With soothing emu oil and tea tree oil to promote healing, salicylic acid to help kill germs and pain-relieving benzocaine in a beeswax/petrolatum base, Tri-Care provides a protective barrier while it effectively aids in wound healing.
  • Tri-Care also helps relieve topical conditions that may have a bacterial or fungal basis.
  • Tri-Care's unique triple-action formula makes it an effective alternative to using several products to treat wounds, and it can be used on dogs.