Vital Science Assure, 4.6 lb - 120 Servings

  • $154.95

Arenus Animal Health

  • If your are looking for a general digestive support supplement for your horse, or if your horse is struggling with colic, loose stool, or poor body condition,  Assure is the answer.
  • Assure provides a solid foundation for your horse’s total digestive health and combats the wide range of digestive health problems that horses face on a daily basis
  • 60 to 70% of a horse’s immune function comes from digestive health, making optimum digestive health a utmost priority.
  • Assure provides a daily dose of necessary prebiotics, probiotics, psyllium, digestive enzymes, and yeast for optimal hindgut health and function.
  • Arenus digestive aids are the only products with Gastrointestinal Stabilizing Technology (GST) which protects and provides safe passage for the live microbes through the acidic environment of the stomach, ensuring safe delivery to the hindgut for maximum health benefits.
  • Daily Assure is the answer for addressing chronic digestive problems including diarrhea, loose stool, recurrent colic or simply supporting equine digestive wellness. 
  • Combined with Assure Plus, Assure offers a flexible digestive health program that can be customized for your horse’s specific health needs and lifestyle.
  • Use Assure daily for cost-effective maintenance or pair with Assure Plus during the loading period and one week out of each month for best results. Add
  • Assure Plus can also be paired with Assure during times of stress for maximum support when your horse needs it most.


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