Vital Science Assure Plus, 25 lb - 50 Servings

  • $379.95

Arenus Animal Health

  • If your horse suffers from chronic digestive issues, sand accumulation, poor performance or overall health, then Assure Plus is the answer.
  • 60 - 70% of a horse’s immune function comes from digestive health, making optimum digestive health a utmost priority.
  • Concentrated and dynamic, Assure Plus offers a custom solution to digestive health problems in an effective, pelleted psyllium supplement.
  • A common myth is that all psyllium functions the same, whereas high grade psyllium combined with a routine maintenance program improves GI motility through conditioning for optimal digestive tract function.
  • Arenus' research-proven formula offers a unique delivery system that’s incomparable to any other psyllium supplement on the market.
  • Assure Plus' unique pelleting process ensures that it's proprietary, concentrated psyllium retains its ability to function exactly as it should for maximum health benefits.
  • Assure Plus is designed to be combined with one of Arenus' daily, Assure System products  such as Assure or Assure Guard for a powerful psyllium boost.
  • Assure Guard and Assure Plus qualify for the Arenus' Colic Assurance Program.


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