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Arenus Animal Health

Arenus Eq-Well, 37lb RFGW Packaging

Arenus Eq-Well, 37lb RFGW Packaging

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Arenus Animal Health

Scientifically advanced, Eq-Well is an equine vitamin-mineral balancer in a daily, granular supplement that does much more than enhance feeding programs.

If you’re looking for another average vitamin and mineral supplement for your horse, move along. This isn’t for you.

If you want a cutting edge, science-based formula that delivers real results, then keep reading.

Eq-Well is much more than an equine vitamin and mineral balancer. It works to support soft tissue, muscle recovery, strengthen bone density, prevent injuries and improve performance recovery. All while filling the gaps in any nutritional program for overall health and wellness.

Other supplements contain high levels of vitamins and minerals, but they use salt-bound, unchelated minerals called inorganic minerals. This wasteful delivery system means the ingredients aren’t easily absorbed and pass right through the horse’s system.

Eq-Well’s chelated and double chelated organic minerals are easily absorbed by horses so they can actually see the benefits. Our proprietary TelaFIRM blend is the base of the Eq-Well equine formula and provides unsurpassed soft tissue support. With no corn or added sugars, Eq-Well can be safely used for horses with metabolic concerns. And the low, daily dose of beneficial chromium helps these horses with their glucose - insulin relationship.

Arenus is proud to offer Eq-Well as a cutting edge, vitamin-mineral balancer for all horses’ optimal health and soft tissue support.


  • Convenient, multi-horse supplement: One-formula-fits-all option can be used for horses of all ages and performance levels. Conveniently use one supplement for all the horses in your barn.
  • Bone and soft tissue support: Allows your horse to better withstand the physical demands of exercise and aging. Protects and prevent injuries by promoting strong bones, soft tissues, and muscles.
  • Rapid performance recovery: Training and competition puts a strain on muscles. Eq-Well helps your horse recover fast and continue performing at their best. Aids in healing of injured bone or tissues.
  • Enhance any nutritional program: As a ration balancer, Eq-Well fills the gaps in your horse’s nutrition. Rest assured that your horse is always receiving the correct amount of vitamins and minerals even when forage and concentrate changes. 
  • Safe for metabolic conditions: Corn and molasses free for horses with metabolic challenges like Cushing’s and Equine Metabolic Syndrome.
  • Total health support: Complete nutrition boosts immunity, development and overall health. Replenishing vitamins and minerals improve structural integrity and development.


Eq-Well's science-based equine formula offers a cutting edge one-formula-fits-all solution that’s incomparable to any other vitamin-mineral supplement on the market. The chelated and double chelated minerals provide maximum absorption and health benefits.

  • Scientifically advanced formula: Developed by veterinarians and equine nutritionists, Eq-Well is the most scientifically advanced vitamin and mineral supplement on the market.
  • Chelated minerals: Each major mineral is chelated. Chelated, or organic minerals, are protected from the stomach’s acidic environment for safe passage to the small intestine. This allows horses to better absorb the minerals for maximum benefit to their tendons, ligaments, bones and overall wellness.
  • SUPER chelated minerals: Double chelating the copper, manganese, and zinc results in a clean source of bioavailable minerals for maximum absorption.
  • Sodium Zeolite A and HMTBa: Sodium Zeolite A optimizes bone strength while HMTBa hastens muscle recovery.
  • Natural Vitamin E and Omega-3: Provides necessary support for the immune system and total body wellness.
  • Research proven TelaFIRM: Proprietary mineral formulation TelaFIRM is the base of Eq-Well and provides unmatched soft tissue support. Chelated and double chelated minerals ensure maximum absorption. Unchelated minerals in other supplements are overfed to make up for poor absorption rates. TelaFIRM does more with less by giving your horse quality minerals that their body can use.

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