Vital Science Eq-Well, 37 lb RFGW

  • $279.95

Arenus Animal Health

  • If you’re looking a cutting edge, science-based vitamin and mineral formula that delivers real results and not another average vitamin and mineral supplement, Eq-Well is for you!
  • Scientifically advanced, Eq-Well is a vitamin mineral balancer in a daily, granular supplement that does much more than enhance feeding programs.
  • Eq-Well works to support soft tissue, muscle recovery, strengthen bone density, prevent injuries and improve performance recovery, as well as filling the gaps in any nutritional program for overall health and wellness.
  • While other supplements contain high levels of vitamins and minerals, they use salt-bound, unchelated minerals called inorganic minerals that aren't easily absorbed and pass right through the horse's system.
  • Eq-Well’s chelated and double chelated organic minerals are easily absorbed by horses so they can actually see the benefits
  • Arenus' proprietary TelaFIRM blend is the base of the Eq-Well formula and provides unsurpassed soft tissue support.
  • Eq-Well does not contain corn or added sugars and can be safely used in horses with metabolic concerns.
  • Eq-Well's low, daily dose of beneficial chromium also helps horses with metabolic concerns with their glucose - insulin relationship.
  • Arenus is proud to offer Eq-Well as a cutting edge, vitamin-mineral balancer for all horses’ optimal health and soft tissue support.


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