Wilkers Cling-On Shaped Saddle Pad CWD Saddles

  • $69.95

Wilker's Custom Horse Products

  • The Wilker's Cling-On Shaped Saddle Pad features four unique gripper patches that hold the pad and saddle securely in place.
  • This non-slip pad features four uniquely designed gripper patches - two located on the underside of the pad, on either side of the withers, and two located on the top side of the pad under the saddle flaps. . 
  • These ingenious patches help hold the pad in place, making conventional straps unnecessary. 
  • The Cling-On Saddle Shaped Pad is constructed of with a fleece top with a 100% quilted cotton flannel underside for comfort.
  • Velcro is located along the spine to easily insert and remove gel pads. 
  • This Cling-On Saddle Shaped Pad is specifically designed to fit perfectly with CWD Close Contact Saddles.