Considerations When Shopping for a New Girth

Considerations When Shopping for a New Girth

Girth fit can significantly affect the overall performance of your horse, as well as your safety.  A properly fitted girth will not be too short, or too long, and it will evenly distribute your weight and that of your saddle. To determine the size girth that you need, measure your horse from the middle of your billet straps to the middle of your billets on the other side. As girths are measured from the end of the buckles to the end of the buckle and are usually in 2-inch increments, pick the closest size to your measurement. When your girth is fitted properly, you should have a few billet holes to go up or down on each side. When fitting a short girth for dressage or jumping saddle, be sure that you have at least 3 or 4 

fingers' width between the top of the girth and the bottom of your saddle pad on both sides. Please do not go by the size of your old girth, as girths can stretch over time.  You can use the same girth on different saddles, as long as it meets the above criteria for proper fit.  

While traditional girths feature a straight construction, like a belt, many innovations have been made in girth design recently.  We also offer anatomically constructed girths with contours that are designed to provide room for your horse’s elbows during movement as well as girths designed to relieve pressure on your horse’s sternum.

The material from which girths are constructed is equally important as size or style. Your horse's skin will react differently to synthetic fleece or neoprene material than it will to natural materials such as leather or wool. If your horse has sensitive skin or is prone to rubs, a natural sheepskin-lined girth may work best. Neoprene girths offer easy care and affordability, and can be beneficial for slippage.  Leather girths offer a traditional look, especially for hunters and dressage, and are easy to care for.

Choose the Perfect Girth with M&M Tack Shop

Discover the perfect equestrian girth for your horse's comfort and performance needs. Whether you're a dedicated jumper seeking a secure and snug fit with a jumper girth, looking for superior protection with a chafeless girth, or prioritizing your horse's belly with a belly guard girth, we have you covered. Our extensive selection also includes anatomic girths designed for optimal freedom of movement, traditional English girths for classic style, and cozy fleece-lined girths for that extra touch of luxury. Elevate your riding experience and ensure your horse's well-being with our premium range of equestrian girths. If you have questions as to what girth may be right for your horse, please call 919.851.0102 or email and we will be happy to assist you.

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